Pricing for Dog Boarding, Daycare and Training

I am so happy to help you on your journey with your pup!  Whether it be just to chat about your dog, do extensive training or just to dog sit, we love having new friends around!

Here at Mutts & Mates we take dog boarding and training very seriously.  We strive for excellence and want to make sure that your dog has the very best stay and/or training.  We limit the amount of dogs that stay with us to five which allows for a more controlled and calm environment.  We make sure all of our spaces, indoor and outdoor, are safe for them to explore, play and learn.

All dogs are different and unique so dog training and dog sitting should be the same.  We cater to YOUR dog’s strengths so we can learn and grow together.   We enjoy giving them the best care possible while giving you, the owner, peace of mind knowing your pet is in trusted hands.


New Puppy Consult  (2 options):

Prior to getting the puppy – We will cover puppy proofing the home, introducing the puppy to your home and children, kennel training, what to expect the first weeks after you get them home, and answer questions you may have about puppies in general.

Puppies Aged 12 weeks to 16 weeks (3-5 months old) – We will cover basics such as potty training, kennel training for down time, biting and chewing boundaries and “relax” or place training.

$125 for one  – an hour session in your home)

$200 for both – 2 hours in your home – once before puppy comes and once after they arrive

Intermediate Puppy Training (Recommended for puppies between 16 and 24 weeks (4-7 months old) who are potty trained and know some commands):

During this training we work on basic commands like sit, stay/wait, leave it and ouch (for biting or unwanted behaviors).  After those are mastered we will work on place training for down time and leash training for walks and other outings.  All this is taught with kennel training involved.

$400 – four 1 hour sessions at your home or mine and one half day (3-4 hours) of doggy daycare at my home

Advanced Puppy/Dog Training (Recommended for dogs that have mastered all the previous skills or need additional work beyond the basics):

In this training we go beyond basics to further train with harder and more complex commands, address problematic issues or reinforce previous training.

$75 for an hour
$100 for an hour and a half


DOG BOARDING OPTIONS (Ages 2 and under)
Doggy Daycare:
$50 All Day
$35 Half Day (3-4 hours)

Extended Stays/Overnights:
$65 Per Day

Doggy Daycare:
$45 All Day
$30 Half Day (3-4 hours)

Extended Stays/Overnights:
$55 Per Day

DOG BOARDING OPTIONS (Ages 10 and above – Senior)
Doggy Daycare:
$50 All Day
$35 Half Day (3-4 hours)

Extended Stays/Overnights:
$65 Per Day


+ $10 For the Holiday

Holiday Weekend:
+ $20 for the weekend

Non neutered:
+ $10 Per Day

Non Spayed:
+ $10 Per Day

Administering Medicine:
+ $5 Per Day

Additional Dog (ages 0-2):
+ $50 Per Day

Additional Dog (ages 3-9):
+ $45 Per Day

Additional Dog (ages 10+):
+ $50 Per Day

Dog Over 100 Pounds (Regardless of Age):
+ $20 Per Day

Have any questions? I am happy to help! Please email me on my contact page!