The Experience

Here at Mutts & Mates we provide your dog with the very best care. From sleeping indoors, to ample play time and walks, there is never a dull or boring moment in our home. We treat your dogs (and pets) like our best mates and we love doing it.

Not All Dogs Are The Same

We know that not all dogs are the same. Some might need more attention than others. Some might be more independent and some might want to always be a part of the pack. Thats why we ask all owners to provide us with information about their dog and we always do a Meet and Greet before a stay. This allows us to get to know the dog and understand the owners as well. Then we can cater to the dogs exact needs and wants during their stay. I guess you could say we are dog whisperers.

Playtime & Walks

We believe all dogs should get to play as much as they want, when they want and how they want. We do not limit playtime and we make sure all dogs get enough of it while they are here. We have ample outdoor space with a fenced in back yard for the dogs to run around. We also make sure our environment is safe and that the gates are shut and locked at all times during a dog’s stay. We will only bring a dog to the dog park if the owner is comfortable with it and/or we know the dog well enough.

We get out on regular walks on beautiful trails, in neighborhood and in the trail behind our house. We are committed to all dogs having ample exercise while they are here but being safe while they do it.


We want your dogs to be comfortable so we ask that all owners provide stuff to make the stay as best as possible. That might be a kennel for a safe space, blankets for comfort, pillows for sleeping and toys for playing. We can accommodate any dog and any needs.

Sleeping Arrangements

Where does your dog sleep at home? In your bed? On the floor? In a kennel? They can do that here. We always feel it out with each individual dog and cater to their specific needs and/or wants. We make sure every dog is happy at night..

Special Care

If a dog/s has special needs, we can accommodate that as well. We can feed your dog special food, we can administer pills and we can adhere to strict diets. They are your best mates, so we want to treat them like ours as well.